The History of X-Rays and Its Benefits to Children’s Dental Health Care! – Milpitas, CA

Dentistry has been practiced during the ancient times, but since then, the procedures performed and devices used have been continuously improved throughout the years. Probably one of the most notable developments in the field of dentistry is the use of dental x-rays.

X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation that can penetrate solid objects like clothing, wood, and even the human tissues. It is a method that allows medical professionals and dentists see the inside of one’s body without the need for incisions. Imagine how both medical and dental procedures would work if professionals would first need to perform surgical incisions!


Dental X-Ray


When did it all start?

Wilhelm Röntgen, a German physicist, was the one who discovered x-rays in the year 1895. It was when he noticed glowing things near the cathode-ray tube that he was working on. The physicist then investigated by placing a heavy black paper against the tube. However, the surrounding items on his desk continue to glow still. Röntgen continues to study after finding out that it can pass through human tissues but not on the bones and teeth. These structures stop the penetration of the ray, therefore, creating a shadow. In the same year, he already knows how to make pictures out of those shadows. It was that time when the first x-ray image, which is the hand of  Röntgen’s wife, was taken.

Röntgen coined the name of the ray as x-ray since scientists use the term ‘x’ to name something that is not yet recognized. Believe it or not, six months after the discovery of x-ray, surgeons are already using the new method. Some people tried to rename it to Röntgen rays, but the term x-ray remained until today.


Benefits of Dental X-Ray

  • Diseases, fractures, and other oral problems that develop under the child’s gum line can be detected and handled accordingly by dentists.
  • Dentists can see the growth of children’s teeth.
  • Cavities which is a leading issue in children can be detected as early as possible.
  • It is especially helpful in the creation of customized treatment plans for certain dental procedures like orthodontics.

At TeethBuddies Pediatric Dentistry, we want to give children only the best dental care services available. We took advantage of dental x-rays as part of our dental examinations for we believe in its potential in keeping their oral health in great shape. We assure patients that the x-ray we perform is safe to use for children.

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