Tips to Help Children Have a Positive Dental Experience – Milpitas, CA

It is normal for children to feel anxious and even fearful about dental visits; even some adults feel the same at times. However, it is not good to tolerate this behavior since it can have a long-term effect on children. Due to this, they will become more susceptible to complications that can put their overall health at risk.

To make sure that this will not happen, it is the parent’s job to help their children develop a positive outlook about dentistry while they are still young. We at TeethBuddies Pediatric Dentistry know that this is not an easy task, so we want to offer our assistance. We prepared a list of tips parents should follow to make dental visits more bearable and natural for children.


Patient under sedation


Helping Kids Overcome Dental Fear or Anxiety

Start early

Dental associations and dentists advise parents to schedule the first ever dental visit as soon as the first tooth comes out (usually on the sixth month) and no later than their first birthday. Doing so will make the dentist aware of the child’s oral state and measures to take to ensure the correct eruption of the teeth. Most of all, the initial impression between the child and the dental professional would be established while early.

Be a good role model

Aside from letting children see that hygiene habits are being performed regularly, it is also important to let them know that routine visits are being followed by parents as well. Bringing them on the next appointment and letting them observe how painless the process is, would convince them their own visits would go smoothly as well.

Let them read or watch about dentists

Knowing what takes place during visits will help them understand what they can expect. There is a collection of books and cartoon shows for children to read or watch. They will see that dentists are there to help with their dental troubles and not to cause them any pain.

Do not use words that can frighten the child

When explaining what a dentist does, avoid using words like scary, shots, pain, or hurt since these can give them the idea that a dentist is a ‘bad guy.’ Trying to reassure children with these words would not help at all. Try to use better terms that would not make them uncomfortable.

Discuss available options

To make sure that their initial and following visits would go as smoothly as possible, ask the dentist for means to provide comfort during dental procedures. At TeethBuddies Pediatric Dentistry we have several Sedation Dentistry options that may be provided to the child. Before using it, the medical history, condition, and list of medications taken by the child would be considered to give the most effective approach.

Your child deserves an anxious-free and comfortable dental experience. We can provide a particular Sedation Dentistry option in Milpitas, CA depending on their needs! Book their appointment with us at TeethBuddies Pediatric Dentistry and let us help them achieve long-lasting beautiful and healthy teeth!