Why Should Children in Milpitas, CA Undergo Orthodontic Treatments?

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry focused on the correction of teeth imperfections such as misalignments, bad bites, overcrowding, or excessive spacing. To some people, the treatment is only for the enhancement of their appearance, but it does more than that. It also improves the health and function of the teeth for better digestion as well as speech.

The teeth are more than just tools for chewing, grinding, or smiling; some even refer to the mouth as the window to the overall health condition. Complications in the dental health like gum disease are known to be linked to severe overall health problems.

Teeth irregularities like overcrowding and misalignments leave some portions in the mouth that are not easily cleaned even by practicing proper dental hygiene. These areas are more prone to problems like tooth decay which is one of the culprits of several dental complications. Fortunately, with orthodontics, teeth can be properly aligned which results in easier access on all the inner parts of the mouth which serves as a preventive measure for better overall dental health.

At TeethBuddies Pediatric Dentistry, we understand the benefits of having straight and healthy teeth, especially for children. While orthodontics may be popular among teens and adults for the improvement of their appearance, children also are in need of the treatment for their proper growth and development. We offer Phase One Orthodontics for children to ensure the growth of their permanent teeth without any issues.




Why Should Children Undergo Orthodontic Treatments?

Phase One Orthodontics is performed before the permanent teeth completely erupts. Its goal is to help in the development of children’s jaw for the proper eruption of the permanent teeth. It ensures that both the upper and lower jaw grows appropriately to avoid any teeth irregularities from developing.

Children should undergo evaluations at the age of seven to check if a phase one orthodontic treatment is in order. The procedure usually lasts for 9 to 18 months, afterward the child is required to wear retainers and to visit the dentists every four to six months while waiting for the eruption of the entire permanent teeth.

Some of the Benefits Phase One Orthodontics offers are:

  • Improve dental and facial aesthetics early for long-lasting results
  • Reduce the need for extractions, surgery, trauma, and unnecessary strains
  • Ensures the proper growth of the teeth
  • Helps improve speech, digestion, and appearance
  • Reduces the likelihood of developing teeth malocclusions
  • Secures the appropriate position and structure of the teeth
  • Promotes overall health and wellness of children


Your children also deserve outstanding dental care services! We provide Orthodontic Treatment in Milpitas, CA. Book your appointment with us at TeethBuddies Pediatric Dentistry and let us help them achieve a beautiful, healthy, and long-lasting teeth!