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A dental crown is a tooth-shaped covering that is cemented over a tooth to restore it to its natural shape and function. Crowns can be used in pediatric dentistry for a variety of reasons. A crown may be recommended to repair and restore a baby tooth with extensive decay, one that is fractured due to injury, or a tooth which has not developed properly.

While you may think that baby teeth do not need to be repaired, it is often essential for a variety of reasons including:

  • Crowns can prevent the spread of decay
  • Crowns can help hold the space for a permanent tooth
  • Crowns can aid in the development of the jawbone and muscles
  • Crowns allow for proper speech development
  • Crowns allow for normal chewing

There are various types of crowns available for the restoration of primary teeth. At Teethbuddies Pediatric Dentistry, we prefer using tooth-colored baby teeth crowns due to their strength, safety and natural appearance. For the placement of a crown, we will ensure your child is comfortable. We will rid the tooth of any decay and prepare the tooth for the placement of the crown. The dentist will then cement the crown into place ensuring that it fits properly. Immediately after treatment, be sure that your child does not eat anything too hard or sticky as the crown can become displaced.

If you would like to learn more about crowns or other types of pediatric restorations, feel free to contact Teethbuddies Pediatric Dentistry. To make an appointment to ensure the continued good health of your child’s smile, call us today at 408 636 2937.

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"Dr. Suruchi was so wonderful and patient with my anxious 3 year old. She was very kind and friendly to my daughter during her first dental appointment. Her examination was thorough and professional. My 3 year old didn't even want to leave! We have truly found a gem! I would highly recommend, especially for those little ones."

Jennifer McHenry Jennifer McHenry

"I can trust the staff with my son’s teeth and oral health here at Teethbuddies. They are very welcoming and show compassion for what they do."

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"Dr. Suruchi a.k.a Dr. Sue is sweet, friendly and knowledgeable! :)"

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