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Sedation Dentistry

Local Anesthesia

This anesthesia is placed into the gum tissue at or near the area to be treated, producing a numbing effect that wears off after the procedure. Most dental patients find that the use of local anesthesia allows them to experience dental treatment comfortably.

Laughing Gas

This medication, used for patient comfort, can be used during restorative or surgical procedures. Laughing gas is a great way to relax the patient during treatment and leaves the body quickly after treatment. The doctor will be happy to discuss the indications for laughing gas for your child.

Oral Sedation

Oral Sedation:

Oral sedation is used in select cases. The doctor will discuss with you at your child’s examination appointment whether oral sedation is recommended for your child’s dental treatment.

General Anesthesia for Children:

The most common type of anesthesia for children having a surgery is general anesthesia. General anesthesia is a special kind of medications that cause sleep. When asleep, your child will experience no alertness or pain. General anesthesia can be given as a gas that your child breathes or as medications given through an intravenous (“IV”) line. The IV is a tube that goes into a vein in the arm or leg that allows your child to receive fluids and medications.

During general anesthesia, the anesthesiologist’s most important responsibility is to monitor your child and keep him/her safe and asleep during the procedure. After the surgery is over, the anesthesiologist will wake your child up.

Our Happy Patients

"Dr. Suruchi was so wonderful and patient with my anxious 3 year old. She was very kind and friendly to my daughter during her first dental appointment. Her examination was thorough and professional. My 3 year old didn't even want to leave! We have truly found a gem! I would highly recommend, especially for those little ones."

Jennifer McHenry Jennifer McHenry

"I can trust the staff with my son’s teeth and oral health here at Teethbuddies. They are very welcoming and show compassion for what they do."

Charissa Saludares Charissa Saludares

"Dr. Suruchi a.k.a Dr. Sue is sweet, friendly and knowledgeable! :)"

Amruta S Amruta S.
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